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Bespoke mural design around cloakroom sink & window. Swirls, birds & leaf pattern in blue and white

Why Murals?

Painting on a wall

Choosing a bespoke mural is the most individual way to lift, transform or inspire a space. Be it a home, business or public area, a mural has the ability to relax, excite, or engage those who live, work, play or visit these spaces.

A mural offers something different from a painting hung on a wall. A mural done right is influenced by the space itself; taking inspiration from the shape of a wall, the natural light in a room, the way a room is used and who the design is for. Free from restrictions of framing, a mural can be more creative in form, leading your eye around the room and creating a truly immersive experience. 

I work closely with my clients to ensure that what you envision for your mural is achieved. My process includes a thorough design process and I can work to suit those with a set idea in mind, those who have a vague impression of what they want, or those with no ideas whatsoever! 

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